Important: Our Discord server will be under maintenance. We will do our best to get it back up and running as soon as possible thank you for your patience.

Access to TKD-Newton Discord.gg Server


We launched a Discord.gg Server to provide our members with access to  proprietary information and required testing materials for each individual rank. Please keep in mind that all the information provided in the server is not for the public and is exclusively for the use of our members. Since these materials are our intellectual property we feel that sharing it with others is the same as theft. If we discover that any of the information on this server is available anywhere else, we will shut down the server and may pursue any legal actions required to those responsible.

Discord.gg information is not a replacement for learning and only a tool for our members to have an idea of what is to come next. Members who have learned certain material appropriate to their rank may use the training videos and other materials on the server as a reference to help them improve their techniques.

To gain access to the testing materials appropriate to your rank click the link below and follow the instructions provided on the server.