In-Person Procedures

Daily In-Person Procedure:

*Currently, all members will be restricted to attend one in-person class a day to allow other members to attend classes while avoiding over-crowding.

Honoring that you pass the generic COVID-19 screening questions (, all members, before entering the building are required to arrive with uniform and mask on. Currently, we will not be providing any changing rooms for our members.

Upon entering the building from the rear entrance (parking lot side), each member will have their temperature checked. Hand sanitizer is offered at both front and back entrances and it is recommended to sanitize your hands when entering and leaving the building.

All members must arrive and to be picked up on-time so that we are not overpopulating the area. Late pick-up or drop-off policies may be established if deemed necessary.

For Clarification on Front and Rear Entrances, please refer to the photos below.

Hot Topics/FAQ’s!

Are You Accepting New Members?

Yes, starting from June 7th, we will be starting with a pre-registration process for anyone who is interested in starting their training in Taekwon-do with us. For more information, please contact us @ (617) 630-8401 or via email @

Black Belt Program Seminars:

Our seminars will no longer be held virtually and will be conducted during our In-Person Classes. Seminars will be changed from a weekly adjustment to a monthly adjustment. This means that we will be holding the same seminar every week and will change the topic each month. This drastic measure is to ensure that if any member is to miss an opportunity on a seminar, they may be able to attend on another week of the month. Also, this allows us to not overpopulate our seminar classes as we are doing our best to keep our members and their families safe.

Sparring Classes:

We will not be implementing sparring as it would require physical contact and excessive heavy breathing that may cause difficulty to our members in participating such classes with masks. Once that we see the possibility of reinviting sparring back to our curriculum, we will let everyone know.

Will Demonstration’s Team Training Open Up Again?

Similar reasons to our sparring classes, we will be currently suspending the demonstration team training course.

I am Vaccinated! Do I Need to Wear a Mask?

All our staff members have been fully vaccinated. However, with the uncertainty of the level of immunity that it provides, we will be keeping our masks on during our classes. We ask that all attending members and visitors would do the same vaccinated, or not.

Will Private Lessons Be Still Available?

Yes, we will continue offering private lessons. For new or continued scheduling for private lessons please speak with any of the instructors for more information.

Will Your Discord Server Be Still Available?

We will be revamping all the videos and the way we use our Discord server. So, everyone will have access to materials for their current ranks, however at this time, videos may not be accessible at times for everyone.

Will You Continue Virtual Classes After a Full Return to In-Person Classes?

Continuing virtual classes is still in debate. If a final decision of completely removing virtual classes, suspending temporarily or have a continuation of the classes have come to an agreement, we will notify all our members.

When Will We Be Able to Attend Classes Without a Mask?

We will continue to follow with State and Federal Rules and Regulations on way to keep a safe environment for our whole community. Once we hear and feel that it would be safe to be training without masks, we will notify all our members.

Do You Have New School Patches?

Yes, new patches can be picked up at our new location during our operating hours.

Front Street Side Entrance

Rear Parking Lot Side Entrance