Our Classes





                Training in the basics and building skills by working through constructive feedback received by instructors and training with repetition, for building lasting muscle memory, can be found in the Beginners class. These classes are paced for all experienced and inexperienced beginners.

All Levels:

                Our All Level class will have a wide range of ranks, from Yellow Belts to Black Belts. Through these classes, various types of trainings are used. Focusing on blocking, hand striking, and kicking. During these classes, target pads may be used to help build physical control in being able to produce techniques with speed, power, and precision.

Test Review:

                Test Review classes are where preparations and training for testing is held. Also, training to obtain a higher level of mastery for each rank’s unique techniques. During these classes each ranks testing requirements will be reviewed progressively in sections. Instructors provide feedback and/or opportunities to learn new materials for students during these classes.


The Sparring class is where practical applications of techniques can be used in a safe classroom environment. In these classes there are trainings on defensive evasion techniques, counter striking, and offensive combinations. We require Yellow Belts and higher ranks to participate in these classes to be able to move forward in rank. As a safety precaution we make sure that participants are equip with sparring equipment protecting them from head to feet.

Specialized Classes:

BBP Seminar:

                Grandmaster Cha personally teaches or oversees special seminars each week for students under the accelerated program called the Black Belt Program. The topics of these unique seminars range from rebuilding and building the mastery over the basics to learning and conditioning advance techniques.

Demo Team Training:

                Select students will be invited to join the Demonstration Team. In this class everyone is expected to not only perform well on their own but be able to work with others in a group or team. Each year there are opportunities for our team to be able to perform for schools and community events in the area. Selected students in the team will be appointed to be able to perform by Grandmaster Cha.