What’s new?

“Starting February 1st, 2023, masks are optional during our operating hours.”
-The Cha’s TKD Family

Bringing new classes into our taekwon-do curriculum

Since returning to in-person training, we are doing our upmost best to introduce and provide the opportunities of all the aspects of Taekwon-do for all of our members.


Sparring are specialized classes where we go over various techniques of striking, counter-striking, and evading to help build confidence of the application of techniques in a safe classroom environment.

Sparring will be returning to our testing requirements for all Yellow Belts and Above.

Demonstration Team:

The Demonstration Team is a group of trained individuals who go through rigorous training to be able to demonstrate the basics to the advanced level of techniques in front of an audience.

Black Belt Program (BBP) Seminar:

BBP is our accelerated or “advanced” program. Our BBP seminars are for BBP members only and are held on a weekly basis. These seminars have specialized topics where members are able to focus on various techniques and the details in which to apply to optimize the improvement of their techniques.