About Us

“Starting February 1st, 2023, masks are optional during our operating hours.”
-The Cha’s TKD Family

Cha’s Taekwon-do is a Korean Martial Arts Institution lead by Grandmaster Kwang H. Cha and his two sons. Grandmaster Cha has been teaching Taekwon-do in Massachusetts for over 30 years, now serving in the City of Newton and surrounding communities since 2000 with his two sons.

The Cha family has allowed their passion for both Taekwon-do and for teaching to guide the development of their institution. Blending traditional techniques that emphasize the martial arts fundamentals with modern teaching methods. They recognize that everyone has their own unique way of learning and so adapt their instructions to bring out the best in each member. Cha’s Taekwon-do offers a safe and bully free environment that helps students develop self-confidence and discipline while improving their physical strength and endurance.